All in Agreement

August 23, 2010

Roasted Corn and Tomato Soup w/ Hake

In New York, people seem to be talking about one of two things these days. One involves religious freedom and a whole lot of intense opinions. The other is something everyone seems to agree on. Which is why I prefer to talk about the latter. Because seemingly every year, the anticipation and the experience that is tomato season sweeps over the area knocking tomato lovers and haters a like right on their asses. You’d be hard-pressed to go a day without hearing someone say something about tomatoes! And since you are reading this post now, I’d say today is not the day!

The most recent variety out of the CSA were vibrant and sweet “prize tomatoes”. And not three or four, but fourteen! Being that using them all sliced or diced seemed a bit daunting I developed some intensely comforting flavor with this roasted corn and tomato soup. Rendering out bacon fat to cook the onions, garlic and tomatoes in, worked amazingly to add a bit of smokiness to balance with that undeniable sweetness. Pan roasting straight off the husk summer corn with a bit of diced zucchini made a perfect resting place for a piece of seared Hake. This soup screamed summer. And with the little bit of fish, this dinner wasn’t missing a thing.


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