Pizza Redemption!

January 31, 2011

Bacon Kale and Egg Pizza

After weeks of suspense and anticipation (or forgetfulness), I bring you redemption! And while this may not look like the Margherita pizza that won the poll, you are going to love this twist on a classic. Because the margherita is everything we love about pizza; the sweetness and tanginess of the sauce, the richness and saltiness of the mozzarella, and the crispiness of the crust go together to make what can only be described as simplistic brilliance. (yeah, I went that far!)

So rather than work up a great dough recipe and sharing the basics with you, I wanted to take the components of the margherita and offer them in a whole new way. And this bacon egg and kale pie did exactly that! Salty, rich, and sweet: all of the components in one bite made for an explosion of flavor. Give this one a shot (recipe card attached) and let me know how it goes!

But just in case my “new twist” hadn’t turned out so great, I went for a more classic approach for our second pie! Using a basic tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella as the base, this pizza also turned out delicious. But the real kicker was the homemade sausage. Using my new meat grinder and some delicious pork shoulder, I was able to make a fantastic (and simple) crumbled topping for the pizza. Seasoned with fennel seed, paprika, and garlic, it was the perfect addition!

Pork Sausage Margherita

But the real show stealer in the case of both pies was the crust. And while I know there are some fantastic store bought or even pizza shop bough crusts available, it’s really fun making your own. I’ve added the recipe (from Simply Recipes) to the attachment because I’ve found this one to be spot on.

So there it is! Homemade pizza, redeemed! On to last week’s poll winner: Rabbit!



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