Reset Your Breakfast!

The Treat!

So here we go. You’ve decided to go for it. 10 days. No wheat, no meat, no dairy, etc. Now what?

Well just like anything, the more you plan, the easier a time you’ll have accomplishing your goal. Because, like I mentioned the other day, if you aren’t in love with your kitchen, it’s true, limiting your food choices to this extent can be really daunting. But that being said, there is one really great reason to do the reset right now. It’s friggin cold out! And soup is your friend.

But you can’t have soup for breakfast (well I guess you can). So don’t worry, I’ll get back to those soups soon. But even more so during the Reset, breakfast has got to be the most important meal of your day. Remember, this isn’t about starving yourself. If you are eating the right things, you shouldn’t feel hungry. So a good and hearty breakfast is your ticket to a good a day.

For me, this is one of the easiest parts of the Reset. Besides my affinity for sausage and American cheese omelets, I’m a pretty easy going breakfaster. My preference towards oatmeal makes for a great daily starting point. And the beauty of oatmeal is in the variety. No, not in the base of course, but in the “toppings”. Dried fruit and nuts may be what you normally find as oatmeal toppings but I’ve got one better for you. Almond butter and bananas! If you haven’t dabbled much with almond butter, now’s the time to start. Peanut Butter is not Reset friendly but after the ten days you may not miss it. And that leads me to “the treat”.

For Em, an avid cereal lover, “the treat”, aptly dubbed after her first bite, has a bizarrely delicious milk like quality. These take a normally doomed snack food (the dreaded rice cake) and transform them into heaven. I actually have found brown rice cakes or even wild rice cakes have decent flavor on their own and after you top it with the almond butter and banana, you will be blown away: simple and really delicious.

So that’s it? That’s all I’ve got for you? Oatmeal and almond butter?

You know that’s not true. Time to break out your blender…smoothie recipes galore tomorrow!




2 Responses to Reset Your Breakfast!

  1. […] But what if you prefer a more “grazing-like” approach to lunching? Maybe it’s not about a break for you, and maybe the thought of eating a big bowl of vegetable stir fry and rice seems a bit heavy. Well then you are in luck; because with a little bit of preparation, you can have yourself a bunch of amazing snacks that keep you full and Reset committed. Dried fruit and nut mixes are great for snacking. But don’t go out and just buy a pre-made mix; you are better off making your own. Almost all good groceries store now have bulk food sections and making your own trail mix guarantees you will like what you are eating. Need something a little more savory? How about a little hummus with carrots and cucumbers? As a quick aside, is there anything that has grown so quickly as the love for hummus? Kind of crazy right? But back to the grazing…what’s that? It’s 2:30 and you need another shot of energy. Well don’t forget about that treat… […]

  2. Sandra says:

    We’re on the same wavelength I think… last Friday Carl and I had a “date night” at Whole Foods and brown rice cakes and almond butter were two things we picked up.

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