Is this about going gluten-free?

Moroccan Lentil Soup from our Spring Reset

Remember when I referenced “confusion”…

Before I get going into a bit more of the fun stuff, you know, like all the delicious food you can eat during your reset, I wanted to chat quickly about a seriously important distinction. As with so many hot topics, you can find article after article with just a few key terms as tags. Celiac, gluten-free, whole wheat, whole grains, and more have taken over our eating lives…and I’m not sure anyone can say anything with 100% certainty.

Except for maybe two things: (1) Celiac Disease is a REAL but relatively rare intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat and other certain grains. Those with this serious intolerance should avoid gluten in their diet at all costs. (2) This reset is not about going gluten-free.

Rather, the avoidance of wheat products during the reset, for those not suffering from Celiac, is all about inflammation and a term we have all heard at some point in the past: the Glycemic Index. Sounds scary, but it’s actually quite simple. High glycemic index foods are those that break down easily into sugar causing glucose spikes, which we all know prompts a quick trigger release of insulin. When insulin levels are high, there occurs an imbalance of pro-inflammatory compounds. Unfortunately, despite how straight forward this seems, the Glycemic Index was used to tout the well marketed diets of the past (Atkins, South Beach, etc) so I think it’s mention triggers a cautious response.

But the reset is enough proof for me. Removing wheat from your diet (including whole wheat), in large part reduces a huge chunk of high glycemic index foods, right off the bat. Replacing those wheat based foods with brown rice, beans, and let’s say lentils for example automatically reduces inflammation like crazy. And I promise you, you’ll feel it. So much so, you might be inclined to reduce these foods on a regular basis. It’s tough, but it works!

Okay, glad we got that clear…on with the reset!


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