Screw you Guy Fieri!

Plate of Delicious Sides

Em and I are in the midst of another reset and I’ve got to be honest, I’m already feeling great. Our last 10 day experience had been making this one feel pretty easy thus far. That is until I sat in front of the tv and watched a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives marathon. Without going too much into the details again, these resets, I think are completely worth trying. Eliminating wheat, meat, dairy, added sugar, caffeine, and liquor (I made this exception for the sake of the Nobler!), opens your eyes to exactly how food can make you feel, for better or for worse. But I wouldn’t do it, or suggest it if it felt like torture. Drinking only juice for 3 days, or surviving off of rice cakes is not the way I would ever want to start a new year. But even still, smoked meats and BBQ sauce were consuming my brain thanks to that a-hole Guy Fieri…

But then I remembered, one of my favorite parts of good BBQ grub: the sides! The meats are delicious but it’s the sides that keep the meal interesting. So I thought it would be fun and delicious to put together a plate of these guys, inspired by my favorites in BBQ. This proved to be a damn good idea.

Roasted sweet potato wedges tossed in a homemade chili powder are both sweet and savory and almost act as the main attraction here. Paired with an avocado dressed coleslaw with dried cranberries, along with sliced cucumbers with apple cider vinegar acting as the palette awakening pickles on this plate, all we needed was a few simply roasted brussel sprouts tossed with a little bit more of that chili powder to squash that BBQ craving. Awesome meal!


2 Responses to Screw you Guy Fieri!

  1. […] if you have a craving. Otherwise dining on stir frys, soups, and stews are easy and comforting and plates full of side dishes can be just as filling as your standard “meat, starch, and veg” meal we all grew up on. […]

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