Christmas Pork

2 Day Roasted Adobo Pork

Pork shoulder has become the most amazing Christmas tradition. In years past we’ve slow roasted the pork until it simply falls apart and marry it with a sweet and sour bbq style sauce. But this year I thought it would be fun to push the envelope on the flavors. I had this vision of rich and intense Mexican chilis bringing a subtle spiciness to the fatty pork. Enter dried peppers…

If you haven’t used dried peppers before, make it a new years resolution. In the past I’ve re-constituted guajillo and ancho chilis and then pureed them into pepper packed sauces. This time I added a few smoked chipotles for heat and the outcome was really delicious. But having seen a recent blog posting about homemade chili powder, I took the pepper punch to a whole new level for this one. Throwing a few of each pepper type into an oven for 20 minutes to dry them out even more, followed by a quick spin in the spice grinder produces the most delicious homemade chili powder. You can easily do this with a number of chilis and vary the percentages of each to make your very own blend. But regardless of your preferences, the result is really wonderful. Roasting the pork with the chili powder and brown sugar made sure the pork itself was studded with flavor. I loved the stuff so much I even a caramelized some onions for the stew in the pork fat and some more of that chili powder.

One of the three dried chilis

We could not get enough of this pork, which is good considering I made enough for 3 dinners. Paired with some cheddar cheese corn-bread, some seasoned rice and a bit of avocado, it was my favorite Christmas pork yet!

Time to start thinking about next years…


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