The Juice Bar

Remember that exciting news I alluded to prior to our trip…Well, I am happy to introduce my newest venture…

No, no, I haven’t opened up my own bar (not yet at least) but the Juice Bar represents much more. For years I’ve been frustrated with the lack of options both commercially available and in our local establishments when it comes to cocktails. So many pre-mixed, artificial “mixers” that end up overpowering their accompanying liquor and making any regular imbiber sick to their stomach. It’s rare to get a fresh margarita, and even rarer to find a “fruit” based cocktail that isn’t cloyingly sweet. And even worse, we often only consider “fresh” as a necessity only for the summer months. But at the Juice Bar, I’ve been crafting fresh, local, and seasonal juice mixes combining fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that pair with all sorts of liquor. Beets and whiskey? Cilantro and tequila? Trust me, the recipes keep on coming. And with our first ever bash sponsored by Absolute Vodka this coming Thursday night, it’s going to be a blast debuting some of my favorites!

For more info on the Juice Bar, I’ll be posting a new site soon. In the mean time, hope you’re as excited as I am for just one more excuse to get your buzz on!


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