Mimi’s Gravy

Not Enough Gravy!

So by now, you’ve planned your menu and have probably even started to execute some part of it. Maybe the turkey is in the brine, maybe the groceries have been purchased, but whatever you are doing, stop. This last tip of mine could easily turn this Thanksgiving into the best you have ever had…

Two years ago, on my first Thanksgiving with the Gordon clan, there was quite a bit of talk about Mimi’s gravy. I didn’t think much of it because well, I had gravy at every Thanksgiving prior; pan drippings turned delicious. But in all my experiences past, there never seemed to be enough of the stuff. So maybe we were scarred from our Bubba’s early preparations of other dishes, but the idea of a make ahead gravy never registered. That is until Mimi’s. I don’t think I can give away the official recipe without risking my life but the process is pretty straight forward. Roast a few turkey legs until they are nice and crusty brown with your typical stock vegetables. Add all these wonderful bits to a homemade chicken stock (or store-bought if you don’t have homemade) and fortify the hell out of it with that rich turkey flavor. You can thicken with a slurry or even use a roux but regardless, you now have yourself the most delicious gravy around. And most importantly, by making it ahead of time, you can be sure you will have enough to smother all of those delicious plates of food!

I’ll be hard at work doing some prep tomorrow and might stop in for a little bonus suggestions but if I don’t, have a great Thanksgiving!


One Response to Mimi’s Gravy

  1. Nancy says:

    Mimi’s gravy turned out great although a little tinge of orange…oops too generous with the carrots? Should have given that last one to Blitz!

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