The First Side – Eat this Voltaggios!

Roasted Shitakes and Brussel Sprouts

In my Thanskgiving “tips” post last weekend I mentioned the notion of a few cold or room temperature preparations to avoid the oven overload. But no matter what you decide, you have no choice on the brussel sprouts. You may see plenty of recipes that pan saute them or even worse boil or steam them, but if you don’t roast these suckers in an oven, you’ve made a big mistake. No arguments excepted here. I feel slightly bad about writing this having just watched the Voltaggio brothers Thanksgiving special on the cooking channel in which a blanch, saute approach was taken but I’m still not going to budge…

Olive oil, salt, pepper, whole garlic cloves, cast iron, 425 degrees, 25 minutes. Perfect every time!

Now there is one exception to this rule (actually now two). Adding bacon to the party is a slam dunk. But what do you about vegetarians? Honestly, I sort of hate the one with, and one without preparation tactics when cooking for vegetarians. I think if you like the vegetarian enough to have them at your Thanksgiving (just kidding) then there are ways to make everyone happy. Like adding roasted shitake mushrooms to the mix. Their earthiness are a perfect compliment to the crispy sprouts and while  I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect replicate for bacon, it does make for the first perfect easy side for your Thanksgiving feast!


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