Addictive Dip

White Bean and Broccoli Rabe Dip

I’ve been obsessed with our friend Kelly’s white bean dip for some time now. In fact, I love it so much, I asked her to bring it to Em’s surprise birthday party…at a tiki bar…and she did. And while I’m not sure the rest of the patrons enjoyed the smell of roasted garlic with their cocktails, that dip was the perfect snack while drinking out of a pineapple!

So when I was cooking up some food for a few other friends this weekend, I thought I’d give a shot at making something similar. Similar because, there’s no way I could make the same dip as good. Who do you trust making your white bean dip…a Silver or a Polignano?!

I decided to add another one of my favorite ingredients to this dip…broccoli rabe. Still my number one weakness, broccoli rabe paired with any type of sausage and garlic, I knew that this green would add something delicious to the white beans. And it’s really simple to put together! I served it with some homemade baked corn tortilla chips but this would be good with bread or straight off of a spoon. Enjoy!

White Bean and Broccoli Rabe Dip:

1 large can of white beans

1 bunch of broccoli rabe

1/2 head of garlic cloves, peeled and chopped

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp fresh rosemary

1 tsp crushed red pepper

In a large stock pot, blanch the trimmed broccoli rabe in salted boiling water for 1 minute. Shock the broccoli rabe in an ice bath and let dry on paper towels. Meanwhile, in a sauce pan, simmer the chopped garlic, rosemary and crushed red pepper in the olive oil over med/low heat. You do not want to burn the garlic. It should be a slow process where the garlic infuses the oil and becomes nice and golden. This should take about 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, run the dried broccoli rabe through a food processor to form a rough paste. After the garlic has become golden, add the can of white beans, the broccoli rabe and season with salt and pepper. Simmer for 10 minutes and smash with the back of a wooden spoon to break up some of the beans. Serve warm!


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