Green Chili and Kugel

Green Tomatoes Pre-Roasted

My Mom came up for a visit this weekend with some kugel and brisket in tow. But like a typical jewish mother, she was concerned it wouldn’t be enough…Well it probably would have been, but with all of these green tomatoes and “american” cuisine winning the poll, I decided it was time for some chili! But the key to this flavorful 3 bean chili is a tip that can be used for much more…

The other big harvest from my garden was a bunch of poblano peppers. For those out there who hate green bell peppers, the poblano is perfect. They can bring a little heat but most importantly their flavor is head and shoulders above the “bells”. And roasting them is the only way to go. In a 450 degree oven, I roasted off the poblanos and the green tomatoes until just charred. A quick puree in the food processor with a squeeze of lime and a little honey creates a wonderful blend of flavors. At this point it is perfect as a sauce or even a salsa. But adding the mixture to sautéed onions, garlic and peppers with a few cans of white beans, red beans, and pinto beans made for an unbelievable green chili! Perfect with that kugel…




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