The Last Sample?

Potato Gratin

For those of you who stopped in yesterday only to be confused by the link to “The Nobler Experiment“, I guess I owe you an explanation. It has been close to three years since the “first sample”, and there’s been nothing quite like writing this blog. I can truly say, writing is not only something I look forward to, but it has spurred on more creativity than I could have ever imagined. Yet, over the course of the past few months, I’ve noticed a dip in fervor. With time a bit more limited, I found creating daily content to be more challenging than it ever was.

But then I got to thinking. And it just so happened to be while I was drinking; bourbon to be specific. I’ve become fascinated with liquor, and not just because of that tingly feeling. I’m talking the nuance of liquor. Which is why I’m thrilled to introduce my new piece of work known as “The Nobler Experiment”. There is a ton of exciting details I have not yet divulged that will make The Nobler much more than a blog…

So does that mean this is the “last sample”? Not even close! But by posting somewhat less frequently, I promise better content then ever. Better recipes and a ton more creativity. Take this potato gratin I made for my client last night. Looks pretty standard right? Well looks in this case are deceiving. Using a sharp pecorino romano and a dijon mustard and shallot cream sauce, this gratin took on a new life of flavor!

So thanks again to all of you out there that read on a daily basis! I hope now, you will find two great blogs to read!


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