Revisiting Risotto

Shallot and Pea Risotto with Seared Scallops

Can you guess what risotto and toll house chocolate chip cookies have in common?

For years, when asked, “what’s your favorite thing to cook”, my default has been risotto. Every client, every friend, and every family member I have ever cooked risotto for has loved the dish that I prepare. “You’ll have to share your recipe” they say. But here’s the secret! Just like those toll house chocolate chip cookies, the formula is not hidden. Because the best recipe for risotto is the one on the box in front of you!

Now, that doesn’t mean cooking risotto has to be boring or overly simple. It’s a delicate balance of creaminess and textures and that’s where the fun comes in. Whether it’s the proscuitto and corn risotto I made for a dinner party over a year ago or this shallot and pea risotto topped with seared scallops I cooked for my client last night, it’s easy to see, how delicious risotto can be. My go to formula involves cooking the risotto as the box suggests while simultaneously sautéing the vegetables of choice to build the flavors. Adding those veggies at the same time you add the cheese transforms your meal completely!

This was the first time I plated the risotto family style and I absolutely loved the look. How welcoming is this big bowl of creamy rice topped with those perfectly seared scallops!

So don’t be intimidated by risotto! Because while it may feel like a big undertaking for a weeknight meal, it really isn’t. When you scale down the portion, the rice cooks up much faster than advertised but remains as delicious and impressive as ever. Anyone out there a risotto lover?



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