In need of some home cooking…

Striped Bass and Clams

After another full week out of town, I was feeling a bit crazy this weekend. It’s been tough to keep up with the cooking and the result has been a heavy dose of dining out. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I had been starting to feel some lethargy. Who knows, maybe it was all mental, but I needed a good home cooked meal last night!

And as always, it’s the Green Market that gets me going. The colors are still popping as you shop but with the fall squashes now just starting to make an appearance. I picked up a kabocha squash for later in the week but that was just the starting point. I quickly filled my bags with beets and mustard greens, onions and mushrooms, and even a dozen clams and some striped bass. It made for a wonderful meal but most importantly, it made for a must needed refresher.

With a new zucchini bread recipe to post and another dinner party to cater this week, I’m feeling like it’s all coming back together!


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