Football is back!

Ribeye and Dirty Rice

It’s great to have football back isn’t it!

I was worried that my lack of enthusiasm for the start of the season would be tough to reverse, but all it took was a typical anxiety ridden game by the Eagles to get me right back into the flow. And with a Rex Grossman sighting and another Tony Romo fumble, I’m looking forward to another exciting season.

But football isn’t football without some grub. Wings, nachos, chili, and tons of other bar favorites were getting cranked out across the nation yesterday. Yet, after a day at the Renaissance Faire on Saturday where I consumed an entire village’s worth of beer, I needed something a little less intense for dinner. I wasn’t about to make a salad though!

A cast iron pan seared grass fed ribeye roasted in garlic oil and paired with sautéed swiss chard, guacamole, and dirty rice was hearty and packed with flavor. It hit the spot and was the only thing better than the Cowboys collapse. So here’s to another football season! What are your favorite football foods?


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