Forgotten Grains

Kasha and String Beans

The other day, while stocking up for the hurricane, I stumbled on an ingredient I had forgotten about. Out of site, out of mind, Kasha wasn’t something I’ve eaten in over ten years (probably). But immediately the memories of Kasha and Bowties came flooding back to me and I was eager to see what I could do with it.

Turns out I still love the stuff. The flavor and texture are definitely somewhat of an acquired taste but I’ve had years of memory on my side. Rather than pairing the grains with bowtie pasta like we had always done years ago, I added some blanched string beans to the mix hoping to lighten the meal up a bit. With some Mahi Mahi cooked in a tomato, fennel, and purple pepper sauce, it was part throw back, part discovery.

The interesting part of the kasha preparation (at least from my quick google search) is all about scrambled egg. I guess, on its own, cooked in water or broth, the kasha can turn quite mushy. But by tossing the grains in whisked eggs and quickly cooking the mixture in a pan before adding the liquid, the grains remain separate and great for tossing with pasta or in this case the green beans. Plus the egg adds an interesting flavor for sure!

It may not become a new staple of mine, but I’m glad to have re-discovered a child hood classic.


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