What (a) Disaster


So, like almost everyone in the Northeast, we made our way to the supermarket on Saturday to prepare for Armageddon. Well, Armageddon never came. That is, not in the sense of the Category 3 Rain Storm Irene but the scene at D’agostino…now that’s a different story.

Who eats this much bread?

I had a hard time taking myself seriously but we did indeed end up with some basics to get us through the weekend. The most important…some bourbon!

Hurricane Survival Kit

One quick rant…It’s not really fair to get aggravated with city officials. While the storm ended up being pretty darn manageable, I’m glad they took the precautions to ensure people’s safety. But the weathermen and women? They should all be fired. Not for getting it wrong because I get it, weather is tough to predict. But for being assholes. Stop “selling” the idea of a disaster and report the news. And as my buddy Mark said “when it’s over…Go Home!”

So I hope everyone out there suffered limited damage and has space for all that damn bread.


2 Responses to What (a) Disaster

  1. joshyq says:

    did you hear the one about the girl who backed in to a fan?
    it was a disaster. get it? a dis asster

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