Shrimp and Grits Transformed

Pan Roasted Pollock with Creamed Lentils and Sweet Corn

This was without a doubt one of the most beautiful dishes I’ve put together in a while; the colors and flavors were vibrant and completely balanced. But my favorite part was where it all started…

I had this unwavering craving for shrimp and grits. But how many times have I made that post! Too many, was the answer I kept coming up with, so I decided to take a little creative license on this one. I had planned on sauteing the ridiculously sweet corn with a few hot peppers and loads of garlic to act as my “grits” with a little pan seared pollock acting as the “shrimp”. I envisioned a more upscale version of the dish served with an orange lentil salad.

But then I cooked up those lentils. And with just a pinch of saffron and a little salt, these lentils cooked up so creamy and delicious that I realized my “grits” had taken a brand new form all together. With some romanesco cauliflower to beef up the corn for a topping, and the fish roasting in the oven with some cherry tomatoes, I had all the flavors I was looking for! I will never stop loving how these ideas develop! So delicious!


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