Spinach and Feta Omelette Fixer Upper

Spinach and Feta Omelette

Loving omelets is a risky move.  On one hand, they are the perfect breakfast; whether they are simply stuffed with american cheese or packed with meat and veggies, the omelette is almost always my first choice off of the menu. But on the other hand, far too often, omelets suffer the fate of a lack of precision rendering what should be light and creamy, a dry and rubbery mess. And unfortunately this happens most often for me, when I fall for the trap of the delicious sounding spinach and feta variety.

I would say for sure, 1 out of 3 omelets I order are spinach and feta. Yet, those same 1 out of 3 are almost always a disappointment. When you think of “spinach and feta” the combination suggests a wonderful balance of salt, sweet and creamy. But when raw spinach and big chunks of feta are thrown into an omelette, the outcome is overwhelming. The feta does not add the creaminess to the omelette that I think is crucial and instead acts as a flavor landmine to overpower the other components when it’s packed in a bite. Then comes the dryness. Feta is not a melting cheese whatsoever. So without the creamy melted cheese to counteract the overcooked eggs (shouldn’t be but so often they are), there’s simply no chance!

But I think I may have resolved these issues last night with my new spinach and feta omelette! I definitely didn’t master this in one try (as you can see it’s probably a little heavy on the spinach) but I have a few tips to guarantee deliciousness. Let’s hope the Lyric Diner reads my blog!

For starters, I blanched the spinach to get rid of some of the “chalkiness” raw or sautéed spinach can sometimes create. But no matter how you cook your spinach, you know water comes along with the process. So after a few good squeezes in paper towels to remove the bulk of the moisture, I went to squeezing even more, but this time with the feta. By mashing the spinach and the cheese together, I was sure I would have a uniform flavor profile throughout the omelette. This method worked perfectly! So what about the creaminess? Well, who said a spinach and feta omelette couldn’t have two types of cheese? Using just a touch of shredded havarti to bind the omelette added just what this breakfast needed!

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important addition. A glass of red wine: the other reason why breakfast for dinner is even better than breakfast for breakfast!


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