Not Yo’ Standard Corn on the Cob

Yogurt and Curry Corn on the Cob

When “Not yo’ standard corn on the cob” won last week’s poll I was kind of surprised. I was sure the chowder would have ran away with it! But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t pumped to give this spin on my favorite Mexican corn a go.

Rather than a slathering of mayo, some cotija cheese and a bit of chili pepper, my Indian inspired take on this delicious corn uses yogurt, ricotta salata, and curry powder. While I have to admit, this batch of corn wasn’t nearly as good as the previous few, this flavor combination still really works! The sweetness of the corn will shine as the salty cheese and tangy yogurt pop in your mouth. I served mine with a pan seared artic char and a creamy eggplant puree. Just delicious!

Not Yo’ Standard Corn on the Cob:

4 ears of sweet corn

1 6 oz greek yogurt (2%)

1 tbsp honey

Crumbled ricotta salata

Curry Powder

Cook your corn on the cob. I prefer the grill but if you are without, a quick boil will do the job. Meanwhile, mix the honey and the yogurt and spread on a plate to make rolling the corn much easier. Spread the crumbled cheese onto a separate plate as well. When the corn is still warm, roll through the yogurt mix followed by the cheese until nicely covered. Sprinkle with curry powder and serve!


One Response to Not Yo’ Standard Corn on the Cob

  1. nlag says:

    I need to try this corn. It looks right up my alley!

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