Supper-less Sundays

Sausage and Fish Stew

A while back, I proclaimed the “Sunday Supper” would be a new year priority of mine. But I guess I hadn’t really thought it through because more and more my Sundays are capped with a night of take out. Whether it’s the thought of the work week quickly flipping through the evening hours or the need for a short recovery, I’m rarely in the mood to cook as the weekend draws to an end. But without even realizing it, the concept of the Sunday Supper, that is, to cook and share food with others, has been thriving. So who cares that it’s been on Fridays and Saturdays!

This weekend was another perfect example of this. We had an awesome grill cookout Friday night that included two flavor packed tacos and some more of that fantastic corn I’ve been obsessing about. Grilling up a chili, cumin and brown sugar crusted skirt steak and pairing it with a grilled vegetable tapenade was almost as delicious as the tequila shrimp with charred corn and tomato salsa. But my favorite touch for these tacos was the quickly grilled flour tortillas that far surpassed how we normally eat them; straight out of the bag.

As delicious as these tacos were, our “Saturday supper” really brought the flavor. Tomatoes, onions, celery, and garlic simmered as the base of the stew only to be kicked up a few notches by a summer beer and some fresh lemon zest. Speaking of zest…While I definitely am down with the microplane zesters, I think there is a much better way to capture the flavor punch. Using a vegetable peeler, carefully peel the zest, leaving the white pith behind. Mince this zest finely and add it to whatever you wish. There is no denying how much stronger the flavor is. But back to the stew…with some spicy sausage (cooked with the veggies to begin the process) and some fresh shrimp and cod, the only thing missing was some crusty garlic bread to sop it all up! Good thing we remembered the baguette at the store!

So what about you all? Any awesome weekend meals to share?



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