Egg Drop Success!

Egg Drop Soup

So when I mentioned using the corn broth for an egg drop soup the other day, I almost regretted it. While the flavors of the broth definitely reminded me of one of my favorite Chinese take out classics, I had no idea if it would actual work. Or what the best way to make the damn soup was…But turns out I wasn’t lying, because this egg drop soup was damn delicious.

I imagine you could use any broth of your liking but the familiar sweetness of the corn pairs so well with the creamy eggs. One thing I wasn’t sure how to tackle was the actual egg cooking part. It seems easy enough; pour eggs into a simmering broth and let it cook gently until nice and fluffy. But I didn’t want to have giant globs of egg. That’s when you break away from soup and into the snot territory. And no one likes snot!

So what’s the way around this? Amazingly, it’s by using a tool you maybe use once a year. That turkey baster that’s sitting in your kitchen drawer is perfect for this soup as it allows you to control the amount and texture of your eggs. And with some extra sweet corn and a few hot peppers, I’m sure glad I tried this one; comforting and delicious!

Egg Drop Soup: (small batch recipe, 2 good sized portions)

4 cups Corn Broth

3 eggs

1 ear of corn

1 jalapeno

In a small pot, bring the corn broth to a simmer. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and season them with salt and pepper. Once the broth is simmering (not boiling), cut the kernels off of the ear of corn and add them to the broth. After 2 minutes, begin adding the eggs. Using a turkey baster will allow you to control the amount and texture of the eggs perfectly. If you do not have a turkey baster, a slow pour method will work as well. Let the eggs cook gently in the simmering broth for a few minutes and serve with sliced jalapeno and some siracha if you like the heat!



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