Cabbage Noodles

Pan Seared Cod with Curried Cabbage

I picked up a beautiful green cabbage at the farm this past weekend in Southampton for a spicy cole slaw. The thing was frickin huge so the half I took home was taunting me in the fridge. I hate to waste anything and I was getting sick of making slaws. But when I picked up some cod on the way home yesterday and thought of the wonderful new spices I wanted to incorporate (anjwain, cardamom, cumin seed, and coriander), it all came together pretty quickly.

While it may look like egg noodles in the picture above, the cabbage in this dish really stole the show. I’ve cooked cabbage in this way before but forgot how delicious it can be. Sauteing with jalapeno, garlic, and the spices mentioned wilts the cabbage just enough without eliminating their crunch completely. And that’s a good thing! Finished with a bit of mustard, greek yogurt, and white beans this meal was hearty and delicious. Perfect for the cod!


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