Freshly Shucked: Clamaganza 2011

Freshly Caught and Shucked

Somehow, someway, the annual clamming excursion gets taken to a new level, each and every year. But one thing always remains the same: it’s the single best weekend of the summer. Tucked away from the city lights, we float, we drink, we crab, we clam, we eat, but most importantly we laugh. We’ll be accepting applications for next year’s attendee list shortly…

One of my favorite parts of any tradition is the evolution. Last year it was crabbing that came out of nowhere leaving us with about a dozen blue crabs for a delicious breakfast. But this year it was all about the oysters. While we’ve caught an oyster or two in the past while clamming, no one could have expected to catch 3 dozen. Yes, 3 dozen!

So with a bit more practice in me, I got straight to shucking while the garnishes were being made and that’s all that needs to be said. Nothing is as delicious as a just caught and shucked oyster! But it wasn’t just oysters we feasted on throughout the weekend. With the charcoal burning both nights and the skillets sizzling in the morning, we fed our heavy appetites with grilled sausages, spicy cole slaw, grilled corn, crab and eggs, grilled panzanella (a new twist I’ll share tomorrow), grilled carrots (amazing), and of course these unbelievable clams.

Our Catch!

But I’d be an ass if I let you believe I was the only one in charge of all this food. Our good friend Emily Holbrook, who has just started blogging here, is a damn good cook and a blast to share the kitchen with.

Is it time for next year yet?





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