Happy 4th of July Recipes

Charleston Fireworks

Happy Holiday weekend everyone! I hope you all have plans to relax and eat some delicious grub throughout the beautiful weekend! I’m spending my 4th in Charleston, SC hoping to soak in the sun and catch up with one of my best friends from college!

But for those last-minute cooking ideas, whether you’re hosting a bash or not, here are two awesomely quick recipes that will make everyone happy…

The first, is a homemade “french onion” dip that beats the canned version by a mile. Simply saute two large red onions low and slow with your favorite seasonings and finish them off with a little balsamic vinegar to increase the caramelization. Chop these up fine or even throw them in a food processor and add them to a container of sour cream. This is perfect as a dip or even used as a topping for your meat or potatoes.

Second, is my take on the Mexican grilled corn we all love. Rubbed with mayo, lime juice and sprinkled with queso fresco and chili powder, this corn on the cob is always a favorite. But for a great topping for grilled skirt steak, take that corn off the cob, toss with a few tbsp of mayo, a handful of shredded queso fresco, lime juice, and that same chili powder and you’ve got yourself an unbelievable “salsa”.

Hope you enjoy the recipes and have a great weekend!


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