Your New Favorite Summer Condiment

Seared Scallops with Strawberry Tomato Chutney

I had my trepidations about skipping out on a farm share this year in favor of more consistent green market shopping. I figured, despite my best intentions, I wouldn’t make it to the market enough, and I’d be discouraged by how much I was spending. But after Saturday’s trip, all of my concerns are gone! I managed to get a weeks worth of amazing produce, full of variety for just above what I was paying for the farm share; and that included these delicious strawberries!

I had promised a strawberry/asparagus recipe but unfortunately I was unable to find the latter. But after you try this strawberry tomato chutney, you will definitely forgive me. The idea came as I was picking up a handful of these delicious LI scallops from one of the two fish vendors at the farmers market. I love pairing seared scallops, rich and sweet, with something acidic and something crunchy. When I came across amazingly pungent mustard greens and was bombarded by the loads of market strawberries, this dish took form. Everything was in perfect balance and while the scallops and greens were delicious, the chutney was the real star.

The more I think about this, the more I’m sure this would be great on just about anything. I can’t wait to whip this up again for the next cook out because I think it would be absurd on a hot dog! It’s a perfect summer condiment!

SilverCaterersRecipeCards – StrawberryTomatoChutney


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