Summer Herbage

White Beans and Greens

After my disappointing attempt at a window sill herb garden last year, I was really motivated to grow as much as I could this year. Keeping in mind that I didn’t move, my resources at home were just as limited, so it was time to get a little creative. With the help of Kelly and Mark, you’ll remember the awesome planters we built a few weeks back. With peppers, tomatoes, herbs and more growing away out in Brooklyn it’s exciting to have some home grown produce. But since the build, I haven’t been much help at all. Let’s hope they don’t hold it against me during “harvest”.

But when I stumbled out the backdoor of my office a few weeks back and found abandoned planters galore, I knew it was a sign to double my efforts. So with the Brooklyn garden flourishing and a few planters full of herbs and tomatoes keeping me honest at work, it should be a damn tasty summer. And the first beneficiary of the growing was without a doubt this awesome dish of white beans and greens!

With fresh garlic, spring onions, and greens from the Union Square Market making up the heart of this dish, it was the thai basil, rosemary and thyme, that brought the whole thing together. The intense flavors of fresh herbs lighten up any meal and this was no exception. A can of white beans and diced tomatoes added substance and the quick fried egg added a wonderful richness. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so damn flavorful!

Herbs from the Garden

And here the key is really in the combination. Using a handful of different herbs creates complex and interesting flavors perfect for stews like this or a million other things. Try it for simple roasted or grilled chicken, make a delicious compound butter for last minute flavoring, or even add them to your iced tea for an interesting twist on a summer classic. But whatever you do, store bought or home grown, take advantage of the herbage this summer and you won’t be disappointed.


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