Tomatoes and BBQ!

My First Summer Tomato!

You know it’s a pretty good weekend when two of your favorite summer staples are on full display! First, a trip to the green market packed with early season vegetables was highlighted by my first delicious summer tomato. Normally I would think it’s a bit too early for tomatoes but stopping to try a sample proved me wrong. These were amazing and all they needed was a bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

To be honest, I wish I had the mental power to only eat tomatoes during this amazing season of produce. We all know how terrible out of season tomatoes can be, but it doesn’t matter; the power of the tomato is strong. But those winter tomatoes are never the same. Oh well; it’s only more reason to appreciate the ridiculous flavors and textures that tomato season brings. And if this first bite was any indication, it’s gonna be a good summer!

Ubon's Pulled Pork Sandwich and Coleslaw

And what goes better with a simple summer tomato then some rich and hearty barbeque? Well how convenient then, that in Madison Square Park, the 9th annual Big Apple BBQ Festival was being held throughout the weekend. I swear you could smell that pig perfume a few blocks away from our apartment. And with famous pitmasters from all over the country cranking out ribs, shoulders, and whole hogs, it’s a smell I’ll gladly accept. While I do always enjoy the festival, it’s a bit crazy with the lines. There seems to be an early window where the lines are pretty manageable but once you hit 2 pm, it sort of becomes a nightmare. We luckily made it there yesterday around 1 pm and had no problem grabbing this delicious pulled pork sandwich and a few orders of ribs. Washed down with a few cold 312 beers, it was a pretty solid Sunday afternoon. I don’t know how many times I’ve said or will say it in the future, but damn I love Summer!

Anyone else make it to the BBQ Festival?



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