The Best Things are Often the Easiest to Make

Roasted Beet, Blue Cheese, and Chickpea Salad

Garbanzo beans or chick peas have always been one of my favorite ingredients. While I prefer to buy the dried beans, the convenience of the canned chickpeas is sort of ridiculous. They are perfect additions to hearty up a soup or stew, or to add some protein to a salad, or as a creamy and delicious homemade hummus. But it wasn’t until Em’s mom introduced me to these pan roasted chickpeas that I realized just how damn good they can be.

The trick to this recipe is low and slow. In a cast iron pan with a little bit of olive oil, the canned chickpeas (or dried chickpeas that you’ve thoroughly cooked) begin to slowly caramelize and give off their moisture all at the same time. The effect is an intensified flavor that only needs a little bit of seasoning and a pinch of salt to become your new favorite snack or an addition to just about anything.

Take this salad for example. Mixed greens, roasted beets, blue cheese, and dates are taken to a whole new level when these little crunchy chickpeas are added to the mix. And as a reminder, this is one of the easiest things you could ever do in your kitchen. So roast a batch of these, storm them in an air tight container (if you manage not to eat them all immediately) and I promise you’ll be finding ways to chow down on these!

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3 Responses to The Best Things are Often the Easiest to Make

  1. Laura says:

    These sound wonderful. They are one of my favorites. I’m going to try them this week. Thanks! Love reading about all of your creations and adventures!

  2. nlag says:

    Yummy! Can you make this for me? 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    my favorite!!!

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