Memorial Day Grilling!

Grilled Potato and Shrimp

When I really started to think about it, and realized that over the last month I could count the number of times I cooked on one hand, it seemed pretty appropriate that it was Memorial Day weekend. Because there is nothing I love more than a good cook out on a Holiday! But I was a bit nervous. Hot dogs and hamburgers weren’t going to satisfy my culinary craving. And the normal flooding of ideas had seemed to be diverted. So as we cruised back to Sea Cliff on Sunday, and I focused on the road (instead of my wedding sized hangover), something clicked, and it felt good to be back!

Growing up, I remember the grill filled to the brim with meat. Chicken, ribs, burgers, dogs; you name it, we grilled it. Occasionally an ear of corn and some peppers shared the grated space but it wasn’t until much later I started to appreciate the grill as a multipurpose tool. Hell, we even baked our turkey in it two years ago for Thanksgiving! But in all honesty, just about everything can be grilled and potatoes are my new favorite addition.

Par boiling the halved potatoes ensured that I could have that delicate potato doneness without drying them out from the heat of the grill. But it was that direct heat that made them the perfect star to this potato salad. The crispiness and “grilliness” (maybe that should be a word?) worked as an amazing canvas to charred scallions, grilled peppers and onions, and grilled shrimp. Tossed with a dressing made from Greek yogurt, sherry vinegar, dill, cumin, and parsley, I could not get enough of this side! The flavors melded into a warm and comforting Mediterranean potato salad that I will be surely re-visiting throughout the summer. My only regret was not paying more attention to the “recipe”. So unfortunately you’ll have to wait till next time to snag the recipe card.

Hope you all had a great Holiday weekend! Anyone do some grilling?


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