On the Road Again – Time for an Evolution

New Rooftop Planter

Despite my best intentions, my week back  in the States was not filled with cooking and blogging. Instead I spent my time catching up with friends and preparing for the next wave of travel. Off to Berlin and then on the Barcelona, I’m pumped to eat my way through the ten days and to come back with some fantastic inspiration.

Plus, I have another exciting project to come home to! As you probably remember, my attempt at a window herb garden didn’t go so well last year. So this year I’m teaming up with Mark and Kelly to take advantage of their amazing Brooklyn rooftop. Last year Kelly planted a number of plants (tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and even strawberries) and raved about the output. So with a motivation to expand the gardening potential, we got to work on two of these planters (pictured above). Kelly found almost all the wood on the side of the street and with one quick design meeting over beers, and a few hours of construction over coffee, we had these two beautiful planters ready to go. I’m pretty darn impressed with our craftsmanship!

And while these planters will surely be fruitful for our everyday cooking, I’ve got a bigger plan in the works. I’m not ready to leave you with much in the way of information, but I am pretty sure it will be worth the wait!

So while I’m away, I hope to blog a bit but I’m not making any promises. But I’ve got a favor to ask of you all. It’s been over two years of blogging and I’m looking for your feedback. Leave a comment below on what you’d like to see more of (stories, recipes, events, etc.) or some good old-fashioned compliments (or criticism if you feel it’s necessary) and I’ll be sure to take it all to heart. It’s time for a bit of an evolution!


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