Who doesn’t love a BLT?

Mackerel BLT

Not that I’ve been intentionally avoiding it (with the exception of the 10 day reset), but I realized on my way home last night that it’s been pretty damn long without a crispy strip of bacon. And maybe unlike any other food, a bacon thought unequivocally results in a bacon craving. And with some green tomatoes from the green market sitting in the fridge, it wasn’t too hard to think this one through…

BLTs are one of my favorite foods, ever. When done well, it’s the perfect balance of flavors, textures, and colors. But green tomatoes add a different element to mix. Rather than the sweet and juicy red tomatoes we expect to see on a BLT, the green tomato is tangy and still a bit crunchy. So for a main dish, I wanted to bring in a few extra elements to bring back that balance.

Instead of deep frying the green tomatoes, I broiled them very quickly topped with a honey/dijon combination sprinkled with panko. The result was a deliciously crispy topping without all the effort of frying. Plus the freshness of the green tomatoes was kept in tact which I really liked. Paired with the green tomatoes was maple glazed bacon adding that saltiness and sweetness that make the perfect BLT. With fresh arugula and 1 hour sautéed onions (the only way to develop that richness) the dish was almost perfect. But it was the pan seared Mackerel that really put this BLT over the top. Instead of a crusty sandwich, my BLT turned into a fantastic main course which accomplished two major things. My bacon craving was satiated and a new craving was formed. The craving for the summer! And it looks like were getting pretty darn close!

How do you like your BLTs?


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