Cooking in Styles

Sweet Potato Omelet

Ever since we booked our trip to Barcelona for the end of May, I’ve been cooking more and more Spanish food. Well, at least I’d call it, Spanish inspired food; because I’m not quite sure any of the restaurants in Barcelona would have approved of my paella. But it was damn delicious! So when I had the urge to cook up a Spanish omelet or a Tortilla Espanola, I figured it was better to make the classic more of my own.

With layers of thin slices of sweet potato instead of russets, this simple dish of potatoes and eggs really transformed. Additional layers of sautéed spinach and chopped scallions added lightness to the omelet, creating flavors rich and vibrant all at the same time.

As for the cooking process, I found quite a few options online. And as usual, I went with some amalgamation of the few I read. By baking the sweet potato slices on their own, I was able to get a little crunch and a whole lot of creaminess to the finished product. Tossing the cooled sweet potatoes with the spinach, scallions, and whisked eggs allowed me to get good even distribution in the cast iron pan. And finally, cooking the omelet over med/low heat produced a crispy crust and a silky center. (Nothing worse than dry eggs!)

Served with a little salad, this would be a perfect dish for your next brunch gathering! And maybe next time I’ll sneak some bacon into the mix.


One Response to Cooking in Styles

  1. nlag says:

    Looks yummy! 🙂

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