Spring Reset: To Health and Triumph!

Long Island Clam Paella

I had really been anticipating this post being triumphant. By tackling a diet without meat, wheat, and dairy for 10 days, I thought that I’d be thrilled and victorious. And I guess I am! Just not in the way I had imagined.

Anytime you challenge yourself by removing what seem like staples in your life, it’s considered a sacrifice. In this case, those sacrifices were agreed upon for the greater good: a health reset. But at about the half way point, it didn’t feel like much of a sacrifice. Because through the 10 days, with the exception of a random unwavering craving for a cheese steak, I felt great, without hunger. Meals full of fruits, vegetables, beans, and rice were packed with flavor and sustenance. Light yet somehow hearty lunches helped replace my afternoon food coma, and I was never so consistent with eating breakfast (the most important meal of the day blah blah blah).

So while the reset was designed to re-generate my energy level and my overall sense of heath, the outcome went well beyond that. And while I won’t go on and on about how effective these 10 days were for me, I will say this: the food you eat, unequivocally effects the way you feel. And sometimes we all need a friendly reminder of this.

That being said, it made it a hell of a lot easier to handle going through the 10 days with Em. A daily cereal and/or yogurt eater, her commitment was way more impressive than mine. And I certainly didn’t want to be the first one to crack! So with a little celebration on the mind, I had started to think of meals to break the reset. A juicy burger or maybe a nice steak sounded nice, but a dozen clams and a half dozen oysters sent in by Em’s folks, straight from the LI waters sounded much better. With the oysters shucked and served with our favorite garnishes, and a clam paella that rocked our worlds, we couldn’t have had a better Sunday Supper!

Fresh Shucked Oysters

I’ll be posting some of the great reset recipes this week but if you are feeling inspired to do something similar on your own, feel free to reach out for some thoughts. I’m no dietician, and I’m certainly not an expert, but luckily for us, this isn’t rocket science!


One Response to Spring Reset: To Health and Triumph!

  1. marcia stewart says:

    That paella looks delicious! Have fun sampling cuisine on your trip next month!

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