Spring Reset: Day 1

Mushroom and White Bean Ragu

We all love the Spring time. And for good reason. Life all around us is blooming and it’s revitalizing to be a part of it. But while the sun may be shining and the gardens may be growing (or at least being planted), I’ve been feeling a little lifeless. I can’t help but think my winter hibernation full of eating and drinking got the best of me. And even though I consider myself a pretty darn healthy eater, sometimes we all need a little bit of a reset.

So with a little extra motivation coming from the success stories of some good friends, I’ve decided to spend 10 days exploring and enjoying a world without meat, wheat, caffeine, and booze (well, mostly). In this way, filling my days with fruits and vegetables, I’m looking forward to feeling a bit more energized when it’s all said and done. While this may sound an awful lot like a detox or a cleanse (because I guess it is), I’ve decided to go with “reset”. I wouldn’t want to offend any of my favorite foods!

So why should you care? Well,to be honest, you certainly don’t have to.  But I figure the more the merrier! I plan on posting some recipes as we go to help show how a “reset” like this one can also be truly delicious, so join in on the effort if your intrigued. Take this meal from last night for example. Roasted potatoes and asparagus served with a mushroom and white bean ragu was a truly comforting way to kick it all off. With tomatoes adding the sweetness to the ragu and the mushrooms and beans adding some “meat”, this one didn’t feel like a concession in any way!

So welcome to Day 1 and post a few comments with any great recipe suggestions if you have them! Here’s to feeling great again!


One Response to Spring Reset: Day 1

  1. nlag says:

    This looks really good! Steve is actually detoxing right now too. I am not but am feeling the winter/early spring blahs for sure. Hopefully our gathering next weekend will put a little “spring” in all of our steps. Ha ha.

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