Warming Spices

Lamb and Chickpea Stew

The one thing that’s become increasingly clear throughout my cooking experiences is that when using dried spices, I never seem to use enough. For years my chili stunk and my curry was weak. But I’m happy to announce I’m getting better. Like you were all so worried…

But this lamb and chickpea stew really made me happy. The local lamb meat stewed perfectly and became really nice and tender. The chickpeas, garlic, and swiss chard made for great accompaniments adding wonderful texture and flavor as well. But the real depth here came from the spices. Blending cardamom, oregano, paprika, and curry powder, I marinated the lamb meat prior to cooking, and added a nice handful to the tomato base as it simmered away.  The resulting meal was warming soul food to the core!

What are your favorite spices to work with?


2 Responses to Warming Spices

  1. Sarah says:

    Is that rice ON TOP of the stew? You are a pioneer. Was it opposite day?

  2. patricia says:

    Pimenton, for its smoky depth. And togarashi, a Japanese blend of hot pepper, citrus peel, sesame seeds among other things.

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