Breakfast for Dinner Winner!

Huevos Rancheros

I was torn about what to root for in this past week’s poll. Breakfast for dinner almost always equates to savory egg dishes for me, so I was secretly pulling for the pancakes to test my creativity! But how could I be bummed with huevos rancheros…

This is a dish that I love to eat! It’s got to be one of the most savory breakfast dishes out there and when the flavors are in balance, it’s got to be my favorite item to order; salty, crunchy goodness that begs for that creamy egg yolk. So for my version I wanted to really play up this characteristic and the addition of spicy chorizo really nailed it.

The recipe attached is for four servings (which I imagine you would have been able to figure that out) but this dish works just as well if you’re cooking for yourself; extra black beans and chorizo will definitely not be a burden. I chose to poach the eggs because I thought the texture of a fried egg white would get lost with all the other things going on. In this case, breaking into that runny yolk and getting a full bite including the crispy tortilla was just what I was looking for. And if the cured chorizo doesn’t add enough spice, serve this dish along your favorite hot sauce and maybe a jalapeno margarita (I’m working on the ultimate recipe, don’t worry) and you’ll be eating this at all times of the day!

SilverCaterersRecipeCards – HuevosRancheros


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