It’s good to have friends…

Just some of the deliciousness!

I would say I’m pretty lucky in the friends department. No, not because of how nice they are (sure some of them are alright), but mainly because of how many of them cook. And cook damn well I may add! So when Nikki invited us over Monday night for dinner I knew we were in for some delicious grub…

We’ve both  become pretty obsessed with Jamie Oliver (has anyone seen his new show on the cooking channel?) and this Indian spiced ground beef with a bright and flavorful ginger and carrot salad with grilled naan was the perfect riff off of his recipe. With a spoonful of yogurt to cool down the spices the flavors were pretty darn delicious. But paired with empanadas and cacciatore?

Well, isn’t that the best part of a potluck style dinner party? The more flavors the better! So when Vanessa fried up a few of her empanadas filled with ground beef, green olives, hard boiled eggs, and spices, there was mostly just silence; unless you count ferocious devouring as noise.  Plus the cacciatore gave us plenty to talk about.

Cacciatore means hunter in italian. So how many of you would read the recipe and go hunt the chicken (or chukar in this case)? Well you might not have, but that didn’t stop Theo. Having gone hunting with his dad the weekend past, this chukar cacciatore showcased their “winnings”. With the traditional tomato base and the perfect additions of bacon and liquid smoke the flavors were spot on delicious!

So what did I bring to the table? Nothing but my hunger…I guess I owe them one!


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