Should I Join a CSA This Year?

Catskills Lamb Sausage and Peruvian Potato Salad

I’m on the fence this year about joining a CSA. As much as I loved my weekly bundles of fresh vegetables, I’m thinking of taking on a new approach. Because even in the middle of March I am reminded about how fantastic the farmers market is. Even without the overwhelming amount of color and life that will come in a few short weeks as Spring really takes form, the market is packed with fresh, local, and delicious produce. So delicious that it’s a pleasure to come up with market inspired meals like this one.

Catskills lamb sausage with pea shoots and purple peruvian potato salad is a meal that shot me right into the heart of summer.  Cookouts and grill sessions with hot dogs and potato salad fill some of my favorite memories, but this twist has got me so excited to create brand new ones.

Roasting the potatoes and then tossing them with pea and dandelion shoots, cotija cheese, and a mustard and egg vinaigrette made for an awesome balance of warm and cool flavors and textures. With a handful of mung bean pods roasted in the pan juices making a deliciously crunchy topping for the sausage, the meal was packed with flavor from start to finish. Absolutely delicious!


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