Finally, Chocolate Layer Cakes!


Individual Chocolate Layer Cakes

One of the reasons I tend to avoid baking is the ridiculous quantity of whatever gets produced. Some of you probably think I’m nuts for complaining or avoiding massive amounts of cakes and pastries but they just aren’t my thing. So after one serving and sometimes even one bite, I’m sick of that fresh baked dessert.

So when chocolate layer cake won the poll from a few weeks back (sorry it took me so long), I was determined to produce something absolutely delicious, all while avoiding the giant cake overkill. These individual chocolate and coconut cream layer cakes were just what we needed!

Baking the cakes in ramekins produced perfect single serve versions of the classic. But as you can imagine, the biggest concern here is over cooking the cake. Which is why I decided to bake these in a water bath.  Helping to slow down the cooking process, this left me with moist and rich chocolate cakes! After they sufficiently cooled, layering coconut whipped cream made for an awesome balance of flavors. I know you were expecting layers of chocolate ganache helping to create that over the top chocolate cake, but believe me, chocolate and coconut is a really delicious combination.

So while my pastry decoration skills could use some improvement, I’m happy to say, these individual cakes may have just convinced me to bake more! And maybe it’s time I start sharing some more too…

SilverCaterersRecipeCards – ChocolateLayerCakes


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