Spring Break!

Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges

Little brother decided to work through his NYU spring break which means two things. He’s at the very least convincing us he’s responsible, but maybe more importantly…he’s starving! Dorms remain open, but d-halls…they do not. This warranted a meat and potatoes dish:

But you know I hate the boring old classics. Which is why this turkey burger served over wilted arugula and topped with a cotija cheese spiked guacamole was simply awesome. Served with some oven roasted sweet potato wedges, we were all satisfied.

A quick note on burger making: I love cooking mine in a cast iron pan. The searing you get is just delicious and as I’ve mentioned a million times, grilling isn’t exactly accessible. But either way, were getting damn closer to burger season. Warmer weather and later sun is just the beginning!


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