Choose Your Own Adventure

Pan Roasted Hake: Spanish Style

Sometimes I buy ingredients with no real direction. For example, I knew I had some great Hake in the fridge and that I was craving some mushrooms and broccoli but that leaves the door wide open.

Maybe a quick wok stir-fry with the vegetables?….maybe an egg and veggie fried  rice to go with the fish? Clearly an Asian inspired meal. But what about the roasted red peppers and olives sitting in the fridge? Hmm, maybe I could whip up a Spanish inspired fish dish….only one way to clear this up. Choose your own adventure!

Em chose Spanish…probably because we’ve just decided were going to Barcelona! Pretty pumped about that!

So while I don’t claim to have made a “traditional” Spanish meal, the flavors were spot on. Using the roasted red peppers, the olives, and a touch of red wine to make a vibrant sauce made for a great base for the roasted mushrooms and broccoli and the pan roasted Hake seared with paprika, garlic, and onions. Delicious!


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