Sunday Cooking

Mustard Crusted Salmon w/ Roasted Beets

It’s been a busy two weeks which is why I was thrilled to do nothing yesterday; nothing but cook that is. So after a trip to the grocery store and a little bit of kitchen clean up, it was all about granola (maybe my best batch ever), roasted beets (for the week), and this delicious dinner!

It had been a while since I’ve had some good salmon so when I saw this fantastic looking Wild Alaskan, I knew exactly what I wanted to pair with it. A creamy fennel and celery root puree brings out the best in both vegetables. I love celery root because of how interesting it makes the typical. Add it to mashed potatoes or turn it into a hash and the interesting flavor meter goes off the charts.

But this salmon needed more than a creamy puree. Roasted golden and red beets tossed in mustard vinaigrette along with a handful or arugula lended the acidity and bite needed to balance the delicious salmon. With a little more mustard crusting the fish, the dish was delicious to the last bite.

And while you may have been hoping for that chocolate cake recipe (the winner of last weeks poll), you’ll have to wait till the end of the week. But trust me, it’s going to be worth the wait!


One Response to Sunday Cooking

  1. marcia stewart says:

    Yum…looks delish!

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