Worth the Wait


Red Beans and Rice

Canned beans are cheap, healthy, and delicious! But it wasn’t until the last few weeks that I realized how much more I enjoy the dried variety. Mainly due to my angst towards weekly shopping trips, I’ve always relied on the canned for timing purposes; dried beans definitely aren’t going to work for a week night preparation. But the last two Sundays I’ve worked on overcoming that hurdle.

In the grocery store I do most of my shopping, there is a great bulk dried food section that sells a variety of beans for a couple of dollars per lb. By soaking the beans overnight you can further reduce the cook time but either way the result is definitely worth the wait (an hour or so if you soak them). And trust me; a pound of dried beans seems to double in volume once cooked leaving you with a week’s worth of deliciousness.

For these red beans, I started the cooking process on Sunday simmering the batch in beer studded with onions, garlic, and bacon. The flavors soaked right in but more importantly I had full control over the texture. Leaving the beans with just a bit of bite adds a ton of dimension to any dish you choose to incorporate them into to. Like this awesome red beans and rice!

With a can of diced tomatoes, a little jalapeno, and a bit more onion these beans came together perfectly with the sliced pork sausage. It may not have been traditional to a “T”, but it sure worked for us!


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