Dreaming of Clamming

Poached Hake w/ Clams and Sunchoke Hash

For no real reason, I can’t stop thinking about clamming. Okay, so there’s one obvious reason: clamming is frickin’ awesome! But despite our previously reported expertise in high tide, there are still some conditions that simply won’t cut it. Take the freezing cold for example…

So while I wait for warmer days and muddier feet, I’m left to find alternative ways to get my clam on. I’ve previously explored the two obvious options. The first comes in the can or pasta section of the grocery store and while these chopped or whole clams work in a pinch or for volume’s sake, the flavor is pretty disappointing. So what about the shelled variety in the fish section? Well, while you can’t go wrong with cooking up a batch of these fresh clams, I was thrilled to have found an even better option!

Sometimes, you want the volume of the “canned’ with the flavor of the “fresh”. And for the “you can’t have it all” folks out there, just head straight to the Chelsea Market (or probably a ton of other great fish stores by you). Because picking up “chopped clams in their own liquor” (liquor in this case meaning the salty liquid they live in) for $4.99 a lb is quite alright by me. In this case, the flavor of the clams intensified my poaching liquid and took the “fresh seafood” flavor to this dish to another level. Poached Hake with roasted broccoli and a potato and sunchoke hash sounds delicious but throw in the clams and you’ve got yourself something to write home about!


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