Another Homemade Remedy

Maple Brown Sugar Granola w/ Yogurt and Blueberries

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Have you ever had a favorite food taken away from you? It’s a terrible feeling. Because whether the place closed down or simply stopped serving it, when your favorite dish is no longer available, most substitutes will just not suffice. That’s exactly the situation we’ve found ourselves in the past few weeks since Em’s favorite granola (served at Resto) went through some major changes. First a change in vessel from a nice sized bowl to a tiny ramekin, followed by the presence of milk in exchange for the delicious yogurt and fresh fruit. Despite the disappointment we’ve been proactive, searching for a new weekend brunch spot. And while some of these new granolas have been okay, others have been borderline hysterical; like the crushed up nature valley bars (technically still “homemade granola” I guess). So it was clearly time for a homemade remedy!

Although I had never really considered the option of making our own, it shouldn’t be that surprising that the process is extremely simple. With a handful of the right ingredients you can make yourself this delicious granola and serve it with whatever you please, in whatever size portion you choose. Take that Resto! And for our first batch, I’m pretty psyched about how good this recipe turned out. Slivered almonds, coconut, brown sugar, and maple syrup add to the rolled oats to generate an amazing flavor. It’s going to be a good week for breakfast!

So take a stab at this recipe and add whatever you’d like. Dried fruit, extra nuts, or even some honey. Just remember, the best granola is a balance of sweet and salty!

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One Response to Another Homemade Remedy

  1. josh says:

    I love making granola, sometimes you just can’t beat it.

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