Are you a VDay Detractor?

Beet and Apple "Tartare"

Valentines Day gets a lot of shit from a lot of people. And while I agree that the “holiday” has gotten a bit out of control, if it works for you, than enjoy the roses and chocolate!

For me, I prefer a much simpler expression of love and always have. I know that I must repeat this once every two weeks, but there is no better gift than a home cooked meal. For our VDay inspired meal it was all about the colors. This beet and apple tartare was a perfect appetizer; light and flavorful and bursting with color. With a little balsamic and olive oil to round out those flavors, it was a perfect way to start the meal.

Originally we had planned on making shrimp and chorizo tacos for our main entrée but the Grand Central market was a little too crazy yesterday afternoon. But these turkey and avocado cabbage cups were pretty awesome themselves. Seasoning the meat with chili pepper, garlic powder, and paprika gave that “taco seasoning” flavor we all love. Topped with the avocado, some pepper jack cheese, and a lime yogurt sauce, these cabbage cups were delicious and really fun to eat! Plus they paired pretty darn well with a bottle of champagne.

Turkey and Avocado Cabbage Cups

So while I agree with all the Valentines Day detractors that hallmark and Godiva need to take a chill pill, and that one day to show you care is sort of silly, who cares. If you make it your own, and have a good time doing so, then celebrate; and preferably with some home cooked food!


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