How to Disappear Completely

February 28, 2011

How to Disappear Completely...

I was pretty excited when “How to Disappear Completely” won the Radiohead inspired poll because while you all were voting, I had this idea down from the get go. Any idea what’s going on with this dish? Any idea what disappeared?

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February 25, 2011

Roasted Chicken with Black Beans and Goat Cheese Guacamole

No time for words today but who needs them! Doesn’t this look delicious?

Dreaming of Clamming

February 24, 2011

Poached Hake w/ Clams and Sunchoke Hash

For no real reason, I can’t stop thinking about clamming. Okay, so there’s one obvious reason: clamming is frickin’ awesome! But despite our previously reported expertise in high tide, there are still some conditions that simply won’t cut it. Take the freezing cold for example…

So while I wait for warmer days and muddier feet, I’m left to find alternative ways to get my clam on. I’ve previously explored the two obvious options. The first comes in the can or pasta section of the grocery store and while these chopped or whole clams work in a pinch or for volume’s sake, the flavor is pretty disappointing. So what about the shelled variety in the fish section? Well, while you can’t go wrong with cooking up a batch of these fresh clams, I was thrilled to have found an even better option!

Sometimes, you want the volume of the “canned’ with the flavor of the “fresh”. And for the “you can’t have it all” folks out there, just head straight to the Chelsea Market (or probably a ton of other great fish stores by you). Because picking up “chopped clams in their own liquor” (liquor in this case meaning the salty liquid they live in) for $4.99 a lb is quite alright by me. In this case, the flavor of the clams intensified my poaching liquid and took the “fresh seafood” flavor to this dish to another level. Poached Hake with roasted broccoli and a potato and sunchoke hash sounds delicious but throw in the clams and you’ve got yourself something to write home about!

Another Homemade Remedy

February 22, 2011

Maple Brown Sugar Granola w/ Yogurt and Blueberries

I hope everyone had a nice Presidents Day! Don’t forget to vote for this week’s poll

Have you ever had a favorite food taken away from you? It’s a terrible feeling. Because whether the place closed down or simply stopped serving it, when your favorite dish is no longer available, most substitutes will just not suffice. That’s exactly the situation we’ve found ourselves in the past few weeks since Em’s favorite granola (served at Resto) went through some major changes. First a change in vessel from a nice sized bowl to a tiny ramekin, followed by the presence of milk in exchange for the delicious yogurt and fresh fruit. Despite the disappointment we’ve been proactive, searching for a new weekend brunch spot. And while some of these new granolas have been okay, others have been borderline hysterical; like the crushed up nature valley bars (technically still “homemade granola” I guess). So it was clearly time for a homemade remedy!

Although I had never really considered the option of making our own, it shouldn’t be that surprising that the process is extremely simple. With a handful of the right ingredients you can make yourself this delicious granola and serve it with whatever you please, in whatever size portion you choose. Take that Resto! And for our first batch, I’m pretty psyched about how good this recipe turned out. Slivered almonds, coconut, brown sugar, and maple syrup add to the rolled oats to generate an amazing flavor. It’s going to be a good week for breakfast!

So take a stab at this recipe and add whatever you’d like. Dried fruit, extra nuts, or even some honey. Just remember, the best granola is a balance of sweet and salty!

SilverCaterersRecipeCards – MapleBrownSugarGranola

New Radiohead (Inspired Food)

February 18, 2011

Today, Radiohead once again gave a giant middle finger to the industry norms, and released their new album “The King of Limbs” a day early. I’d love to know the number of downloads from this morning alone! Now, while I won’t pretend to have been a Radiohead fanatic from day 1, I’m pretty pumped to be giving these new tracks a listen.

So this may seem a bit abstract for canigetasample, but today’s poll is all Radiohead. Music and food can have a fascinating relationship, so let’s hope I can prove successful on this one! I’ll let the track inspire the meal. Vote for your favorite song of the bunch, or the one that may give me the biggest challenge!

Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow

February 17, 2011

Green Bay Packer Potatoes

With all the cooking I had going on last week, I didn’t have the chance to work on my Super Bowl Champion meal. Luckily, I had the idea in my head since they won, making it extremely easy (and extremely tasty) to execute last night. And by one quick look at the picture, it’s easy to see why I chose a roasted broccoli stuffed baked potato with a homemade cheddar cheese sauce!

Whether you like those goofy hats or not, Wisconsin and cheese go hand in hand. And while there are many great products coming from the state, it only made sense to focus in on cheddar. So what better way to enjoy the sharp and tangy cheese than in a homemade sauce. But it wouldn’t be a Packer dish without some green, right?

Roasted broccoli is one of my favorite vegetable sides and naturally the combination with the sauce led me straight to the baked potato. And trust me; this homemade version was better than the one offered at Wendy’s. So give it a shot, and let me know what you think; even if you were routing for Pittsburgh!

SilverCaterersRecipeCards – GreenBayPackerPotatoes

The List: Eleven Madison Park

February 16, 2011

It was a year ago that I received a gift certificate to Eleven Madison Park. Widely considered one of the finest dining experiences in New York City, EMP was at the very top of my list. And while it seems odd it took over a year to finally make it there, I am thrilled we waited. Because after being anointed one of the world’s top 50 restaurants and receiving the rare 4th star from the New York Times, the Chef and General Manager decided to make drastic changes. These drastic changes would include the evolution of the dining experience starting with the “menu” as you can see above. 4 course meals that are directed by a single ingredient would make for a radically new experience for the diners all while maintaining the close attention to the details that made EMP what it was. Now while I can’t speak on the “before”, the “after” is a whimsical and powerful testament to the beauty of fine dining.

Simply put EMP delivered exceptional service and an ambience that screams “we pay attention to detail”. And while fine dining can often be stuffy and a bit off-putting to us commoners, Em and I were taken away by the evening. Luckily servers at a place like EMP are smart enough to adapt to their customers. But the food clearly remains the star.

Small bites of wonderment starting flying out of the kitchen onto our table as soon as our “order” was taken. A halibut dashi poured over a bundle of thyme and seaweed served like a “tea” was exceptional. Somehow managing to be delicate and bursting with flavor all at the same time, there is no question I will be craving this “tea” in the future. The miniature baguettes with two types of butter and sea salt sounds simple but the execution was flawless. The goat’s milk butter was truly amazing. And then came the truffle beignets. You’ve heard me mention the New Orleans classics from Cafe Du Monde a million times but these truffle packed versions were a whole new experience.

And then came the 4 courses. The most memorable being a hamachi carpachio with freeze-dried citrus and the black truffle puree that was texturally ridiculous. The desserts pairing chocolate with black sesame and coconut with tropical fruits were both familiar and radical in the same. And with every plate being presented as a piece of art work, our eyes did as much work as our taste buds.

While I want to apologize for seeming dramatic and over the top with my description, I simply can not. Dining at Eleven Madison Park will always be one of my most cherished food memories. And while the price tag may make this a rare occurrence, I feel it was truly worth it. What a stunning meal!

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