Nights at the Roxbury

Sea Cliff in the Arctic

While at first I thought I was lucky to have missed this latest winter storm, I’m actually kinda bummed. For all those with tough commutes and huge driveways to shovel I know you probably want to kill me. But it sounds like the city was a lot of fun. I do love myself a crazy blizzard!

And with all this amazing snow that continues to pummel the Northeast ski season in NY looks a whole lot better this year. Last weekend’s trip to Belleayre may not have been post 12 inches of snowfall but we did have some fresh powder nevertheless. And as I mentioned before we left, the annual trips we make up North are just partially to do with Skiing. Because when you stay at the Roxbury, you are guaranteed to have an awesome weekend.

The Roxbury

I won’t do much in the way of describing this one of a kind hotel because I wouldn’t do it justice. But check out their website for pictures and trust me when I say it’s worth a stay! The accommodations are the perfect balance of pampering and comforting from the awesome rooms to the wonderful continental breakfast that feels like a trip home. We always love our stays and can’t wait to come back to try some of the new additions!


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