Something Crunchy

Roasted Beet and Apple Salad w/ Panko Crusted Turkey Cutlets

I know, I know! You were expecting some pizza. But after an awesome weekend in Belleayre (more on that tomorrow) and a last minute trip scheduled for the week, the pizza stone will have to wait: just until Friday night though, I promise.

But that didn’t stop me from cooking up this delicious (albeit a lot quicker to make) meal packed with comforting flavor. And while this roasted beet and apple salad w/ panko crusted turkey cutlet seems to be a perfect match of components, it was truly the third or fourth distillation of ideas that got me here. And that is exactly why I love to cook.

The more you cook, the more you learn what you enjoy, the more fun the process can be. In this case, my brain was stuck on one word. And it wasn’t even an ingredient! All I was sure of was that I wanted something “crunchy”. Leaves the door kinda wide open huh? But then came the beet and apple salad I saw on The Bitten Word. And then came the vision of the three boxes of panko sitting in the cupboard (because I never remember I have it when I need it) that would be perfect for fried goat cheese. And lastly, when the Plainville Farms turkey cutlets caught my attention, I had it all!

What an awesome dish! Definitely crunchy!


2 Responses to Something Crunchy

  1. ron says:

    looks amazing

  2. nlag says:

    I love all of those flavors together.

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